Thursday, June 25, 2009

A quick recommendation...

While bouncing between moving vans and farewells, I managed got a copy of the latest issue of Detective Comics. Yeah, I said I would wait for the trade, but it's Greg Rucka, and came highly recommended by Eric Trautmann, who had a really good opening issue to "JSA Vs. Kobra: Engines of Faith" couple of weeks back. (Before I go any further, let me definitely recommend that as well; the best writing on my beloved Power Girl since Wally Wood put cleavage and attitude in a blender. Magnificent art as well by Don Kramer and Michael Babinski. Go look out a preview here; no, go ahead, I'll wait and you will be glad you looked.)

Welcome back. So I picked up the new Detective, which begins something I have been waiting for- Greg Rucka getting a monthly for his version of Kate Kane as Batwoman. Thanks to DC for waiting, what, two years? About time.

So, despite gallons of pent up anticipation, I am way NOT disappointed. The story is tight, and gives us a new villain, playing off a Lewis Carroll motif, which I have always found to be interesting in the Bat-verse. What really strikes me though is how the panel layouts complement the writing. There's a feel something like Eisner as J.H. Williams III propels the story with the very layouts of the page- and I swear there are some kind of esoteric messages hidden in the layouts themselves. I felt like I was doing a puzzle just reading the book, dragging me into the mystery. Great take on the character, and just a lot of visual prowess to keep you looking.

As if that's not enough, there's a second feature, further evoking the better days of comics! Rucka also brings back 52 alumnus Rene Montoya as The Question.

With art by Cully Hamner, the co-feature has a story worthy of its own issue, but tucked nicely in here to make me feel like I am getting $3.99 worth of comic. Hamner's work here evokes the best of the old Denny O'Neil Question from the late 80's, and visually ties the Vic Sage Question to the Rene Montoya Question better than any artist Mr. Rucka has worked with on this character before. (BTW- Hamner also illustrated the delightful "Black Lightning: Year One" by Jen Van Meter, another member of the Northwest Comic Mafia- go buy that too. Also of course, Hamner illustrated the still canceled Blue Beetle.)

OK- off to wait for the moving truck again. Blarrgh.

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