Saturday, August 28, 2004

Jesus or Batman

I've been debating what this entry would be. I've had a lot of religious discussions lately. I have a degree in it, and some fairly organized if somewhat unorthodox beliefs. People ask my advice on spiritual matters, and even though I caveat every comment with "this is how I believe" or "in my faith system" I will be more than happy to share that opinion. On the other hand, I am an avid comic reader and am experiencing the joys of getting a friend into the habit. She's settling on Batman as her favorite, and I feel I may have jaded her somewhat since that is my favorite as well.

I realize though that my desire to speak about either is a reflection of my desire to extend my will upon others. I talk a big show about religious freedom, and not judging people for being Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, or the vast mosaic that is the human desire to attain the Divine, but frankly I would have everyone listen to my interpretation and say, "hey, he's right, let's all do what he does!" It worked for Jesus, and I have to admit, I would like it to work for me. I suppose though that I am not willing to put a sword to anyone's throat if they don't convert, and that makes me a bit more Jesus or Siddhartha than Jones or Koresh.

I also want everyone to read Batman, or comics in general and see what I see; modern mythology and characters who like the gods of old personify certain attributes we mere mortals can aspire to. Superman is Truth; Batman is Justice; Spider-man is Duty- that's what I want people to see.

And my favorite is just a man- Batman. Yet he is more than that. Jesus- just a man, yet more.

Yep, I really have been talking about the same thing. I aspire to Jesus and to Batman and I want others to do the same. Perhaps that makes me selfish, or a hypocrite.

I think I can live with that.

Friday, August 27, 2004

It begins.

Well. Here I am. I'm not sure who I expect to read this, but I do plan to periodically post thoughts. I don't plan to give out a lot of bio, but I think certain things will come through in the writing. I do write a good amount of fiction, so that may show up here. I have strong political views, so expect that. I have even stronger views on religion; plenty of that I'm sure. Oh- and I am in a dangerous job, so I'll be really coy about that. Hope someone is listening.