Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not with a bang but with a whimper.

Why a whimper? Fear. Fear is what drives people these days. Fear of the economy crashing, fear of the terrorists, fear of change. Fear drives hate. Fear drives paranoia. Fear drives bigotry.

This last couple of weeks, I have been poking fun at our society with some TS Eliot, and have been waiting for that funny little story to post to fit the title of this post, something full of snark and absurdity.

Instead, I got this:

Sorry, TS- there were bangs signalling the end and they were gunshots in a Holocaust museum.

See, this is where fear leads. It leads to ideas of us and them, and once we have us and them, we have to be better than they are. Then they have to be bad. Then they have to die. In this case, it's a White Supremacist, and like so many intloerant bastards, he claims God is on his side, and he's working for Jesus.

Hey asshole, Jesus was a Jew who claimed everyone on Earth was a child of God.

The White Supremacist movement wants America back to its core values.

Hey asshole, America was founded under the principle that all men are created equal. Forgive the irony that time and place of authorship paints that statement with, but this is America, and we are all in here together.

There are a lot of honest Conservatives out there who just genuinely want to maintain their faith and values while honestly being part of the solution. Here's a chance; denounce this man now. Right now. Make sure Neo-Nazis don't become the face of Conservatism in America. Talk about how we can acknowledge we have different beliefs, but we don't have to resort to violence over it.

There are a lot of Liberals out there who will equate this to Conservatism as a whole. Don't do it. Acknowledge the good honest Conservative movement out there, and reach out to it in order to work together to put aside the fear this man tried to sow.

America. Put aside your fear. E Pluribus Unum- it's the only way America survives this Century.

Otherwise, it goes out with a whimper of fear.

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Anonymous said...

Dan ~ Hate groups right AND left often make their own definitions. This man was only six degrees of separation from ANYTHING any blogger with an agenda wants to associate him with, and they are going to town with it ~ on both sides of the aisle.

I read that this guy was a 'lone wolf', so I would find it difficult to tie him down with any one group. He ranted against Christians, Bush and neocons, so to say that any true conservative is allowing the Neo-Nazis crazies like him to become the face of Conservatism in America is ridiculous. Of course liberals and progressives want to promote this perceived association, even going so far as having Janet Napolitano issue an official warning against the "Right Wing Terrorists", so this wacko played right into their gleeful hands.

I find it truly unfortunate that so many of the ill-informed fall prey to guilt by association arguments. I'm not sure what it is in those people's minds that links abuse of an idea with the truth value of the idea, but I sure would like to see them take a few critical thinking classes and get off the anti-intelligence, anti-education, anti-science wagons when characterizing conservatives. This guy was insane. His mind was destroyed by evil and he saw things through a filter of hateful lies and violence.

Our society now deals strangely with evil ~~ as long as they can blame it on an opponent, it doesn't go to waste. This indicates that both the extreme left and the extreme right are more concerned with making political points that they are with the evil deed itself.

As a conservative, I soundly denounce violence and hate wherever it manifests itself... on a tragic stage of horror or in a crazy person's heart. But I'm not going to take ownership or claim association with this loon's actions. It is so far removed from everything I know and believe as to be unfanthomable.

I agree that 'we' Americans need to halt the great divide that is taking place in our country between the extremists on both sides by communicating more, and we need to stop demonizing our enemies, but there are always going to be wackos and insane murderers among us. Some people are beyond redemption.