Sunday, November 01, 2009

There is hope for Humanity.

At Wal-Mart today, I had to get out of the way so a twelve year old girl could look at Star Trek figures. I warned her (with every intention of being a smart ass) that Wave 2 had not arrived yet. She responded that she knew, and was looking for the short packed Uhura from Wave 1. I realized, this girl knew that of which she spoke. She then however, said Captain Pike was an idiot as she shuffled past his figure in the stack. (For the record, that's when Jennifer just walked away.) I asked what her beef with Pike was, and she went on to explain (SPOILERS AHEAD) that Pike must have been on the Kelvin, and did little more than run. I said sure, he'd written a dissertation about the Kelvin, but we didn't know he was there. "If he knew Kirk's Dad, and knew so much about the Kelvin, didn't it make sense that he was?" Dear God, she was right. I conceded and applauded her, and went on to say how it did my heart good to see ANYONE under 30 like Star Trek again. She replied, in a Great Bird of the Galaxy blessed voice:
"I was born a Trekkie."

I realized at that moment, regardless of everything wrong with the species, humanity was going to make it. We were still breeding Trekkies. Aham'd Allah!