Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cleavage isn't the issue.

I am going to state up front- I am biased here. I am however going to present my short sweet evidence as succinctly and objectively as I can.

This is not Power Girl:

THIS is Power Girl:

I tried reading DC's Power Girl series by Palmiotti and Gray with art by Mr. Palmiotti's wife Amanda Conner. It's dull. PG feels like a supporting character in her own book, and there are no less than THREE cleavage references in the first 22 pages.

I read JSA Vs. Kobra, and I find a PG who actually IS a supporting character, but shows more authority and leadership than in her own book. If you like the character, and realize she's not just about Superheroine Mammaries, don't read Power Girl- read JSA vs. Kobra. That Power Girl would make Wally Wood proud:


DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: I have gotten piss drunk with the author of JSA vs. Kobra, and will pimp Mr. Trautmann to anyone. My experience with Amanda Conner was less fun. I stand by my objectivity though; read them both and tell me which Power Girl YOU want in charge of the JSA!

Oh, and should they ever do a live action version...

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