Sunday, April 26, 2009

10 Things I Will Miss About Washington State

So, having kind of made a home up here, my firm has of course decided I have to move. Very well, but here's ten reasons I love this area, and plan to come back.

1) The Olympia/Tacoma area is equal parts hippie and redneck; there's plenty of people to make fun of!

2) Olympic Cards and Comics: best comic shop on Earth. Period.

3) Guy in my neighborhood walks his kids to the bus stop each morning. With his two pet ducks.

4) Trees.

5) Lisa Gangel, KING 5 sports anchor. First person to ever make me feel squishy about sports.

6) Every day is like living in an episode of Twin Peaks.

7) Coffee Shacks. They are everywhere. Nearly every corner. Even the redneck areas. Look at this coffee barn 60 miles from Seattle in Roy, WA and remember point one.

8) The coach of the Seahawks gets on local television after every game and apologizes.

9) Lakes.

10) Mt Rainier, the area's foremost landmark, is actually a dormant volcano expected to kill everything in a 50 mile radius in the next 10 to 100 years. That's adventure. Every day. Any day. Yikes. Nothing says great place to live like imminent death!

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