Sunday, September 19, 2004

Random Thoughts

Well, this is nowhere near as focused an entry as I've been posting lately, but I wanted to keep a pattern of posting so I don't let this go by the wayside. The place I happen to be has a lot of repetitive days, so I don't usually have "oh wow" things to report. I had a pretty good conversation last night regarding the eventual evolutionary state of humankind, and I did read some really good comics books (highly recommend Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man; eta ochen' horoshaya k'neega). Today I had reason to have heated conversations with locals from the country I am stuck in, and I pretty much had to be a dick, but it is part of my job.

I have an ultra-conservative sister. God bless her, she mails me a lot of goodies, but she generally includes Republican propaganda in each taste of home. This time she sent a Bush bumper sticker. I gave it to the redneck I work with and wished him good luck. I wonder if I can vote for Dennis Leary as president? Some good old Irish common sense would do the Executive Branch some good.

Jolene Blalock, T'Pol the Vulcan on that lousy Star Trek: Enterprise, said she didn't think the writers handle Vulcans, and especially her character, properly. I love her for it, but if she was a little more willing to keep her skivvies on, the writers might be a little less willing to find ways to get her into them. Don't get me wrong- my amygdala leaps with glee every time she shows up in Maxim or Stuff, but I don't need smut on my Trek. My kids watch for crying out loud.

I got a comment on one of my blogs. Yeah, it's someone I know, but it's one of my favorite people so that's OK. I'll have to return the favor, but I don't want to seem needy. Said individual just corrected Chuck Palahniuk on a couple of facts in a story in Stranger Than Fiction; I recommend that book as well even if he referred to Whitefish, Montana as White Fish, Montana.

I haven't worn a cowboy hat since I was 12.

My favorite US President is Teddy Roosevelt.

In High School I pierced my ear in my girlfriend's art class to impress her, but then I only kept it for four days because it looked silly on me.

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