Friday, May 31, 2013

One more Quick Defense of "Star Trek Into Darkness."

So, apparently on top of all the other imagined liberties JJ and the crew took with Trek, they also disrespected the Enterprise.  Being as my favorite character on any Star Trek IS in fact The Enterprise (yeah, that’s right) I have something to say. (Of course.)  So, let’s look at what JJ didn’t do for the old girl:

  •       Did not relegate her to the menial task of training vessel for cadets.
  •       Did not have her then crippled by a man who’s never commanded a Federation vessel before using a smaller ship.
  •       Did not send her back to Earth to be decommissioned.
  •       Did not then have her so damaged by a 12 man Klingon scout ship she has to be scuttled.
  •       Did not then slap the name “Enterprise” on some other ship so hastily they are still painting the number on when the Captain shows up.
  •       Did not then show that the 1701A is in fact a complete “disaster.”
  •       Did not then have THAT ship all but destroyed by a Klingon scout.
  •       Did not then send THAT ship back to be decommissioned not even a decade after the paint dried on that “A.”
  •       Did not then have her successor leave space dock without a tractor beam or any photons. 
  •       Did not then have the 1701D destroyed…BY A KLINGON SCOUT SHIP.

So what did JJ do?
  •       Have the 1701 survive not one but TWO undefeatable super vessels. 
  •       Have the 1701 do more than we ever saw her do in any previous version (whether we needed to see her act like a sub is debatable).
  •       Establish the bond between ship and Captain where he literally crawls into her heart to save her.
  •       Uses a REAL particle collider as the warp core.

So, which version of Trek has been more disrespectful to the Enterprise?

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