Friday, November 23, 2012

Random List: Action Figures I want to custom make.

It is my intention to make 3 3/4" (Small G.I. Joe sized) figures of:

Daniel Craig's James Bond
Peter Weller as Buckaroo Banzai
Adult versions of Johnny Quest and Hadji
Race Bannon
John Carter
Remo Williams (book/comic version, not Fred Ward)
Mack Bolan
Rick Deckard (Blade Runner)
Lara Croft
Doc Savage

Any other recommendations?


Eric Trautmann said...

Mad Max.

Dan said...

Good call!

AD said...

Christy Turlington
Elle MacPherson
Sherilyn Fenn
Brooke Shields (Any Era)

Alyssa Milano
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Neve Campbell

The Women of BSG (Both)
Just about all of the women who were ever on Law and Order

Rocket Punch said...

If you're gonna do Remo then you must also do Chuin.

Dan said...

Will, you are reading my mind. Working on Remo now; doing the Marvel comics version for the recognizability of the target on the chest. Scouring the interwebs for a Chiun head now.