Thursday, March 31, 2011

Surprise in New Mexico

Before we discuss this, please go back and read this entry from Memorial Day a while back. Also, please go read this article on my running blog. Now, we can talk.

While at the Bataan Memorial Death March, I was waiting to watch Jennifer begin when I saw a group of people wearing blue shirts with a soldier's picture on them. The picture was of Christopher. Turns out his mother and family were walking the Bataan as well to commemorate his loss. I did not want to intrude, but spoke briefly with his brother-in-law. He said the family missed Christopher, but remembered him, and as with all things, life goes on.

I got to cheer the family at the end when they also finished, and through the brother-in-law passed on both my condolences and respect for this soldier I met in the worst of ways. It was so good to see them surviving, celebrating, and commemorating their lost loved one.

After all, that's what a memorial is for. Rest easy Chris.

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