Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maybe it's the "S"...

So, if you check out my Facebook you'll see I went to a Halloween party Monday night at a sport's bar dressed as Superman. I do indeed love this time of year, and any opportunity to act like a big geek in a public venue I jump at.

Let me again point out this particular costume shindig was at a Sport's bar. More than that, it's one we go to watch Monday Night Football at nearly every week- the Daughter loves football, my friend Grady the radio star hosts a good time, and my friend Doctor Smith shows up. We hang out as family a friends and watch a little football, usually over a a couple of beers for the Doctor and me.

This week, except for the costume, I expected it all to be about the same. However, it was not. See, the venue is a "family" bar. No real hard alcohol, just some beer and wings for Dad, and the kids can have a burger. As dad I went to have my weekly Guinness... and I couldn't. There were kids there. I couldn't let kids see Superman drink.

I mean, it's Superman. Is there anything more iconic in American culture? Is there any kid who hasn't at least once tied a sheet/towel/pillowcase to their neck and gone "swoosh"? Putting on that suit, I suddenly felt I had a responsibility. I had a standard to maintain. And I did. Monday Night Football or not, nothing but iced tea for Kal-El of Krypton that night.

Once, many years ago, the family and I were driving from California to Arizona, and I was traveling in a Superman t-shirt. On I-10 outside of Tucson, we found a car broken down. I went about a quarter mile past, because you never know of it's a trap, and ran back to see if it was OK. Indeed it was only two very nice old ladies with a flat tire, and a couple of grandkids. I told them I would be right back (had to go let the Lovely Jennifer it was all safe), added another half mile jog to my evening and came back to find a State Trooper changing the tire. Ensuring all was well, I was prepared to dash back off into the night when the kids in the back seat rolled down their window.

"Where did you come from?" they asked.

"I'm Superman," I told them and ran back off into the night. Their look as I flashed away was worth all the running.

Everyone's well aware in my comic book addiction I am more of a Batman fan than a Superman fan. See, I think we need Batman. We need someone who will make the bad man pay. We want Superman- we aspire to be Superman.

Batman never made me pass up a beer. That is more powerful than a locomotive.


Anonymous said...

OK ~ Responsibility, caring about being a good role model for little kids, not drinking on the job... YES! Superman is not only a conservative, he is a BAPTIST conservative!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL


Dan said...

Although... Superman also believes we have enough resources in America to give everyone a college education and health care. Superman's a centrist like me! Maybe he's a Dan Party member?

Anonymous said...

Dan ~ you are NOT a 'centrist'. Man up and admit that you are a quasi-socialist intellectual and be done with it already.

The problem is, Obama is robbing from the rich to give to the poor. THAT is not sustainable nor moral.

We already subsidize housing, food, cars, utilities, education and health care for everyone who needs it. Even cell phones! The problem is that people get greedy and even people who can afford it want everything for free. There is no end or even a cutoff to it.


Dan said...

Sorry darlin'. You are so far right, you forgot where the center is! :)

If Obama really were a socialist, no one in America would have more than 100,000 bucks, and Limbaugh would already be in a Gulag.

Anonymous said...

At least I realize and admit my biases.

There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see.

I hope I never have to say, "I told you so." I honestly do. But on the other hand, I can hardly wait for the day you admit you were wrong on this topic. :-)

Your loving Aunt Deborah