Monday, March 16, 2009

Much better.

This young lady needs to be the future of the Republican Party.

Perhaps one day I will vote for a McCain again.

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Anonymous said...

Megan is just another RINO. As I personally see it, the reason McCain lost is because he is a 'Democrat lite'. Why the heck would anyone vote for him when they can vote for the real thing and get an authentic liberal?

What exactly is 'the middle' anyway? The Democrats are nowhere near it compared to the JFK years and even the recent Republican Party is over on the left side of that line.

I believe the best way to attract people to 'our' conservative side is to actually have some platform standards that we stick with instead of pandering to the lefties so we are considered 'compassionate'. Give them a real choice, not just a watered down replica.

I'm pretty disgusted at being called an 'extremist' when, in fact, I practically mirror JFK's political beliefs.