Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Proverbial Ball.

Dear Mr. President-Elect,
In a time when we as Americans desperately wanted to see our Nation secure our place as leader of not only "the free world" but the world as a whole, we the People have chosen you as our President. The expectations we have for you are astronomical. The fear your opponents have sowed is still out there among many, and you are going to need to prove yourself to them. Those of us who crossed old lines to support you because we so desperately wanted to believe in our system again, well, we're behind you, but you need to prove yourself to us too. The economy is in shambles, we have wars to win, and there was a lot of ugliness on both sides this election. However, you are a living symbol of an America trying to move beyond its past. You are the living example of an American dream come true. You are a living example of someone who set out to improve their community, and now have a chance to improve the world.
The ball, Mr. President-Elect, is in your court. Lead so I can follow. And may God bless the United States of America, every last one of us as one.

Ready? Go!


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Anonymous said...


Dan ~ you are so young and naive, bless your heart. You have a lot to learn about the 'real' world. You have spent almost your entire life actively living a form of socialism (the Army tells you what, when, where and how to the point where you have no concept of capitalism in it's true form or how unworkable socialism really is) that now you can't recognize how far away our country has turned from the original plan. You have no concept of working hard to grow a successful free-market business or of taking the hard-work road to go for the brass ring. We are now penalizing responsibility and success and rewarding people who have no motivation to work or take advantage of the vast opportunity America has always offered, and with Obama, that will get worse.

You are very intellectual, but that trait seems to have overcome some of your basic common sense. With the election of Obama, America has decided to give up our sovereignty and lower our standing as to be equals with countries that are led by evil dictators, crazy terrorists and one-world humanists. "The World" is happy about Obama's election, esp.. our enemies, because they see us as being taken down to our knees. America will not be a 'leader' anymore and our unparalleled charity, generosity and goodness will be set aside. We have been the forefront of the force for good in the world because we have been powerful enough to enforce peace on many fronts. Other countries now see that we are weakened and soon that will be beyond repair.

Obama doesn't offer a path to restoring our system again ~ he wants to CHANGE it. He never gave us specifics, but he never said the change he offered was going to be good for America.

I don't fear the rantings of Obama's opponents, I fear Obama's promises and lies out of his own mouth. He wasn't chosen by 'we the people', he lied, manipulated, cheated and bought this win with millions in illegal donations. He ran as something he is not. He gagged the truth about who he really is or what he is all about. He isn't a living example of someone who set out to improve his community, he is an example of someone who used corrupt Chicago politics and thugs to claw his way to the top by trampling over his opponents at whatever cost. He did whatever he had to to add to the deception. My expectations of Obama are that he and his ultra liberal co-horts will be instrumental in destroying America. Do you really think Obama is a living symbol of an America trying to move beyond its past? I see Obama as a living symbol of a massive group of Americans who adamantly refuse to move beyond the past. He has been intricately involved in promoting, twisting and over-emphasizing the ills of America to black youth and inner city kids with massive funding to brainwash them AGAINST America and indoctrinating them to separate their selves from the 'system' instead of helping them get educated and become productive, successful citizens. They are taught divisiveness and hate against their fellow man.

God doesn't bless nations that turn their backs against Him and pray "God damn America!"