Monday, December 13, 2004

A Poem

I based this poem on the Islamic 99 names of God. I haven't named it yet.

Compassionate, Pure, Merciful Protector;
Almighty, Faithful, Compelling Sovereign;
Peaceful Lord.

Forgiving Creator; Inventor, Designer.
Almighty Provider; Omniscient Donor.
Revealing Recipient.

Gracious, Equitable Judge; All-hearing, All-seeing Exalter;
Raiser, Humbler; Expander, Subduer.

Sagacious, Gentle, Mighty Forgiver;
Greatest Exalted Nourisher; Thankful Preserver;

Majestic, Generous, Omnipresent Watcher;
Judicious Answerer;
Affectionate Resurrector;
Glorious Witness.

Powerful Truth, Trustee;
Commendable Friend, Life-giving Enumerator;
Praiseworthy Creator, Restorer.

Life-giver, Death giver; Ever-living, Self-sustaining;
Perfect; Unique, Illustrious Finder;
Capable; Able.

First Expediter, Last Deferrer;
Apparent Master, The Veiled Most-High;
Relenting and Pious.

Indulgent Avenger, Generous Ruler of the Kingdom;
Just Pardoner, Rich, Gathering Bestower;

Afflicter, Benefactor, Wonderful Guiding Light;
Patient Inheritor, Incomparable Eternal Consciousness.


brando said...

You haven't posted in awhile. This worries me... I hope you enjoy yourself this holiday season.

Dan said...

Hey Brando,
Been busy but doing OK. Ready to be busy somewhere else though...