Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Randomly listed things I really like.

Mexican food.

TV shows with Vampires, robots, or spies trapped in strange villages they can't get out of.

Action figures with more than 10 points of articulation.

William Shatner's "Has Been" album.

Lying under the covers on a cold morning and blowing off work.

Where her shoulder meets her neck.

Monsoon season in Arizona.

PJ O'Roarke talking about politics.

Movies about baseball (though I hate baseball- ironic, isn't it?).

People who can admit they're wrong.

Not having to admit I was wrong.

When she comes in from the snow outside and you can smell the cold on her skin.

Books and movies I have to take in a couple of times to "get."

Princess Leia in the steel bikini.

God letting you know They're there.


Big, gay musicals.

Godzilla movies.

Babylonians who don't want me to blow up.

Comic books.

Chuck Palhaniuk books.

The Oedipus Cycle.

Being alone- but not too alone.


Old locomotive engines.


Anahiem chilis.


Self-indulgent blogs.


brando said...

Self-indulgent blogs. I love them. I am was also wondering what type of comics you read. HAve you read Craig Thompson's "Blankets"? Highly recommend. I enjoy when you post. Adios
This is turning into a geeky post.

Dan said...

Hey Brando,
Well, I must freely admit to being a superhero geek when it comes to comics, but I do love Powers and Cerebus. I know there's a lot of good storytelling out there that is non-cape oriented, but until I can get back to a good comic shop I can regularly visit, I'm in the lurch. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated though...