Thursday, October 07, 2004

Some stuff.

So, being as I am in a warm, dry place where metal encased explosives fall from the sky periodically, I got to vote by absentee this week. Perhaps I have been cheated because I will not be able to factor into my decision the last four weeks of scandal, mudslinging, and punditry, but I am comfortable with my decision: Michael Badnarik.

That's right ladies and gentleman, I voted Libertarian. Frankly, as much as I know I threw away my vote, it will be worth it in a year to look at the man in the White House and say, "don't blame me, I voted for Michael Badnarik." Frankly I have no faith in the candidates of either of the major parties, and could not in good conscience take part in the appointment of either man. I may have made an ineffectual gesture, but at least I can look at myself in the mirror. The Philosopher Jester strikes again.*

In unrelated news; love hurts. Love scars. It wounds, it mars any heart not strong or tough enough to take a lot of pain.

But it is a many splendored thing, and all you need... Like oxygen even.

Dawn Wells was born 18 Oct 1938. Frankly, she's still gorgeous, like some kind of Mary Ann-droid. She's also a Libra like me (19 Oct).

*Philosopher Jester is a title I based on Plato's Republic; if there a ruler should be a Philosopher King, I figured every ruled kingdom would need a Philosopher Jester. Tertium Quid Pro Quo.

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