Friday, August 27, 2004

It begins.

Well. Here I am. I'm not sure who I expect to read this, but I do plan to periodically post thoughts. I don't plan to give out a lot of bio, but I think certain things will come through in the writing. I do write a good amount of fiction, so that may show up here. I have strong political views, so expect that. I have even stronger views on religion; plenty of that I'm sure. Oh- and I am in a dangerous job, so I'll be really coy about that. Hope someone is listening.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Boy! I've always wanted to have a comment posted to my blog so I thought I'd start the good karma by posting a comment on someone else's. Not that you have to go to my blog and post a comment, because you don't. You really don't. I dig your blog, especially your profile picture. How'd you do that? YOU HAVE STRONG POLITICAL VIEWS!?!?!?!?!? Hm. Tschuss!
Sincerely, Eleanor Roosevelt